What made Houston's Astrodomes the 8th Wonder of the world?

What made Houston's Astrodomes the 8th Wonder of the world? The Astrodome, hailed as the "Eighth Wonder of the World" ... ...upon its completion in 1965, revolutionized stadium architecture and set new standards for sports and entertainment venues. One of its most iconic features was its innovative roof, which not only symbolized technological advancement but also redefined the possibilities of indoor sports and entertainment. Designed by architects Hermon Lloyd & W.B. Morgan and engineers Geiger Berger Associates, the Astrodome's roof was a marvel of engineering ingenuity. Its innovative design aimed to create an indoor environment that could host various events, including baseball games, football matches, concerts, and even rodeos, regardless of weather conditions. The Astrodome's roof consisted of translucent Lucite panels supported by a steel lattice framework. These panels allowed natural light to filter into the stadium while providing protection from th

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